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How To Maintain Your Boat- The Basics

How To Maintain Your Boat- The Basics

Any boat, big or small, has to have some work put into it. This is not something you can leave around collecting dust and rust and expect to work smoothly in the long run. It’s much like your car- if you maintain it poorly, you’ll soon notice the effects. So avoid those risky situations and learn the basics with this handy guide on how to maintain a boat.


Any barge crane hire in Sydney routine will start off with the basics. If you take your boat out on saltwater, you’re going to have to rinse your boat after every outing with fresh water to make sure that no corrosion takes place. Salt is capable of corroding metal and fasteners as well as blemishing your gelcoat. You can see to your gel coat with marine boat wash and a soft-bristle boat brush. Some even use car wash or laundry soap to get the job done.

Oil change

Once again, just like a car, the oil in your boat must be changed too. Keep in mind that you’ll have to administer an oil change regularly especially for 4-stroke outboards, inboards plus stern drive boats. With anoil extractor pump that eliminate the oil through the dipstick pipe, an lubricate wrench and rag to grab the regular drips you’ll be set to see to this oil change yourself. Check your owner manual for the exact procedure for your boat but it might be best for you to start with having a professional do it.

Professional help

Sometimes handling boats and boat engines can be much trickier than dealing with cars so as said above it’s best if you reach out for an expert hand in the matter. From your everyday needs to specialized issues such as boat mooring, it’ll all be taken care of for you.


If you own a stern or outboard drive boat, it’s best that you add checking the propeller to your routine. Make sure there’s nothing stuck in it (like fishing lines) since this can root gear case leaks. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for any dents. Any missing paint is fine but even the simplest dent can affect your boat’s performance while burning fuel excessively. In this instance, you’ll have to hand the matter over to an expert. Also remember to apply some waterproof grease to prevent corrosion. Once you’re done with your routine, reinstall it the exact same way it came off and you’re good to go.These are the very basics of maintaining a boat. Don’t forget to do this regularly to avoid any performance issues or unnecessary risks. At the end of the day, you’ll be left with a boat that looks and runs close to brand new.