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The Thrill Of Watching Dolphins

The Thrill Of Watching Dolphins

Dolphins are very active animals. They are very popular with children. Children are often fond of watching dolphins. This is why people travel the seas to find them. Dolphins are very social animals. They live in large family groups that consist of several animals. The largest recorded groups of dolphins had thirty to forty members. A group of dolphins is a beautiful site. They look lovely swimming and splashing in the sea. You should rent a yacht to see them swimming in the sea. Many people go on cruises to dolphin watching in Port StephensA cruise for watching dolphins can be easily arranged. It is very affordable too. 

Locating a dolphin: 

There are several ways of locating dolphins in the sea. The sea is very vast and it can be hard to spot a dolphin, at times. Most dolphins swim near the surface. This is because they breath air like all mammals. Dolphins have a small hole on top of their head that is used for breathing. This hole is called a blowhole. The blowhole is used by a dolphin for inhaling air. Whales have blowholes too. Most dolphins have a single blowhole. The blowhole is located on the head of the dolphin. This helps it to easily bring it to the surface. Dolphins can swim underwater for very long durations. However, they have to eventually return to the surface to breathe. They return to the surface of the water from time to time. This allows them to breathe and to refresh the air in their lungs. A dolphin can hold its breath for over half an hour. Some species of dolphins can hold their breath for an hour or two, even if it is rare. The high iron content in their blood helps them to store oxygen inside their bodies.  

Diving with a dolphin: 

The blood of a dolphin is very rich in oxygen. This allows them to dive to great depths. Some dolphins can dive as deep as sixty metres. They dive in order to find food under the surface if the water. Dolphins are carnivorous animals. Their prey includes small turtles, fish and shrimp. They are the top predators in their environment and eat a number of different animals. Most dolphins hunt in the form of groups. This helps them to coordinate better. 

Dolphins live in large groups because they are very social animals. This is especially relevant when dolphins work in the form of pods to hunt shoals of fish. A shoal of fish can have a million small fish in it. It requires cooperation on the part of your family. Most dolphins are very intelligent. They are as intelligent as cats and more intelligent than dogs. Many dolphins have demonstrated an ability to solve complex problems.